Flashback to the ’70s in electrifying Las Vegas. Angie Russo’s eighteenth birthday wish on New Year’s Eve 1970, is to break free from the sheltered life in which she was raised. Following the murder of her father and her sister’s overdose, her uncle and guardian, Vince Russo, limits her freedom to protect her from the harsh elements of Sin City and family secrets not to be exposed.

The disappearance of Angie’s mother is a mystery that slowly unravels, threatening the family dynamic. The estrangement from her mother created a thick wall of resentment within her heart, saturated with bitterness that intensified through the years.

When Angie meets Tommy Cavallo, a captivating, wealthy hotel and casino owner who wants to show her the world, her wish comes true.  Angie is instantly mesmerized with the glamorous life he offers. Despite her uncle’s demands, she leaves the security of his home to be with the man she loves.  The drawback is - Tommy is married. Tommy whisks Angie away to elaborate places to strengthen their relationship and build his empire, adding more hotels around the world to his chain, increasing his wealth and power.


Angie chronicles her long-term love affair and worldly adventures with Tommy throughout the highs and lows of their life together. Is their love strong enough to combat the obstacles against them?

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