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The Mistress Chronicles Cover Final.jpg
The Mistress Chronicles Back Cover Final

Flashback to the ’70s in electrifying Las Vegas to learn about Angie Russo's life, and how she met and fell in love with a married man named Tommy Cavallo.

Moonlight Confessions Cover.jpg
Moonlight Confessions BackCover.jpg

Moonlight Confessions is the second book in the Entanglements series, in which you will learn about the life of Sadie Meade and her marriage to Tommy Cavallo.

Love Affair cover.png

The third tale in the Entanglements series, Love Affair: Tommy's Memoirs, exposes layers of secrets related to his wife Sadie and mistress Angie; introduces his Mafia connections; illustrates the details of his exhilarating life after his divorce from Sadie; and reveals the extreme events that lead to his untimely death.

Lethal Revelations.jpg

Danny's story takes place six months after Tommy's death. After reading Love Affair: Tommy's Memoirs, his father's tell-all book about his life as a Mafia associate, Danny wonders if his father's death was truly natural.  He looks into the suspicious elements, and starts asking the right questions to the wrong people. His life begins to spiral out of control, but he is determined to uncover the circumstances of Tommy's death.

Paris, a fabulous, energetic city and a superb locale for hotel entrepreneur Tommy Cavallo and actress Victoria Ursini to hide following Tommy's fictitious death. A family crisis leads Vicki home to Las Vegas. Chaos ensues as some well-kept family secrets unravel, placing her in the spotlight she's evaded for years. Vicki's world begins to crumble, jeopardizing Tommy's life and their future.

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