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A Little Bit About Me

Sincere thanks for visiting my website!  I appreciate the support more than you know.  This is a tough business to break into.  I'm very blessed and thrilled beyond belief to be able to share the stories that have filled my own head with entertainment for years!


With a creative imagination and a love for reading, I have been writing stories since my 'tween years at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School. 


As an adult, I returned to college and earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and a Master's degree in Health Administration, which is in line with my second career in the health insurance industry.

Born and raised in Connecticut, my life is abundant with cherished friendships and the love of my family, children, and fur babies.

Traveling overseas and throughout the US is an obsession of mine!  In The Mistress Chronicles, most of the wondrous places described, I have had the pleasure to explore on vacation.  I love writing about antiquated cities like Paris, Rome, and Venice.

I welcome you to follow me on Facebook at Gina Marie Martini-Author and Twitter @GMMartiniAuthor.  Leave comments about my stories or ask me a question.


Please leave a review online at the site in which you purchased this book, so others become informed about my story.  Thank you!



Be kind to others.  More importantly, be kind to yourself.



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