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The mistress Chronicles

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"Award-Winning Finalist in the Family Saga category of the 2020 American Fiction Awards"

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- entanglements -
the Series

I am excited to share my first book series publicly! The Entanglements series focuses on the life of a man named Tommy Cavallo, who inherits a hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in the late 1960's.  Tommy is gorgeous, charming, wealthy -- basically God's gift to women.  Tommy is a married man, but he also has a girlfriend. 


The first Entanglements story titled, The Mistress Chronicles, is written from the perspective of Tommy's mistress, Angie Russo. Angie chronicles the significant moments of her long-term affair with Tommy throughout the 1970's. Angie has a unique family dynamic, and her story represents an abundance of social issues like depression, substance abuse, mental illness, teen pregnancy, and the women's liberation movement, which was paramount at that time. Of course, there must be hints of the Mafia's presence within a tale about Vegas in the '70s. Is Angie's love for Tommy enough to combat the obstacles they face?


The ongoing saga continues with Moonlight Confessions, the story written from the viewpoint of Tommy's wife, Sadie. The readers will learn about Sadie's lifestyle, her family drama, and what her marriage to Tommy was really like behind closed doors.  Sadie's thrilling yet impetuous life includes various elements from the '60s and '70's era related to Sin City like gambling addiction, prostitution, the racial divides, homosexuality, homelessness, the Mafia, and a murder mystery.  

Tommy speaks out in book three, titled Love Affair: Tommy's Memoirs. His story enlightens readers as to why both women are important to him.  His

familial culture and Mafia ties are highlighted, as layers of secrets are revealed from the first page to the last!


After reading Tommy's memoirs, Danny Cavallo is convinced his father was murdered! In Lethal Revelations, Danny challenges his father's enemies, pursuing justice for Tommy's demise. Will Danny find the evidence he seeks, or will his life be shattered first?

If you've read the other stories in this series, don't miss the jaw-dropping finale in Edge of Exposure! Safely tucked away in France, using aliases, Tommy's wife, Vicki, learns of an accident in Vegas that nearly kills her mother. She leaves Tommy in France to reconnect with her family, igniting a bright spotlight on her that jeopardizes Tommy's life and their future together. Scores of drama and countless secrets are exposed.

The Vegas strip
from the 1970's
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